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About Us

Who Are We

WitteWorld Records was founded by Jon Witte, owner and engineer of Music Machine Studio. Jon has dedicated his life to music and has a passion for helping others to create their best possible work. After spending over two decades engineering and producing music of all genres, he decided to take his passion a step further by founding WitteWorld Records as a mechanism to help find, record, publish, and promote otherwise undiscovered talent. To help in this pursuit, Jon recruited a group of like-minded individuals with a common passion for music to help scout, produce, and promote new artists. He then formed Niceenice publishing to ensure that anyone who wants to license work from WitteWorld artists or custom copositions can have an easy mechanism for securing wonderful music for their independent or commercial project.

Why We're Different

WitteWorld Records differs from major labels in the obvious ways. We're accessible to our artists and, as musicians, believe in an artist's right to their art. Our focus is on helping you to make great music, and then to ensure it reaches as many ears as possible. When an artist works with WitteWorld, they know they are working with people who have a genuine interest in their work and a real desire to get it out into the world.

WitteWorld differs from independent labels just as drastically. We put our first focus on making a great record, in whatever format those songs might be. We take a unique approach, mixing classic promotion with tactics proven in the new music industry.

There are countless independent labels who are able to offer basic promotional services. We're able to offer everything you need, from the first steps of creating great music to the last leg of the tour you promote and sell it on (and all of the social media, sales, radio, PPC, networking, and other steps in between). We're a team of mixed strengths, and we collaborate however necessary to get the best possible results for our talent.